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Qutera™ is a private cloud designed to transform the way small businesses utilize technology. Gone are the days of installing and maintaining business software within an expensive and disconnected environment. Qutera™ takes away the burdensome task of maintaining barely adequate and prohibitively expensive infrastructures; and replaces them with an enterprise class distributed network.

Our Cloud Environment

Users access thier applications from anywhere, at anytime and from any internet enabled device. Streaming applications use an installer to place familiar icons on your local computer that provide a link to the Qutera™ data center servers.

Qutera Concept

Streaming Applications

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Qutera is committed to providing the latest emerging technologies to our clients. We pride ourselves on promoting business agility and deploying emerging solutions to our clients. In the Qutera Cloud your company can be assured that they are running on the latest enterprise architecture available;

The Qutera business model and underlying technologies differ from those of traditional hosted software vendors and ISV products in several ways. Qutera provides "full featured" applications that are streamed to your local machine. Simply run a onetime installer file obtained from the Qutera website (installs in seconds). Then, login and begin using your applications. The installer assigns your common program extensions (.xls, .doc, etc.) to the applications installed. Streaming Applications (SA) are the best-of-breed architecture for the business cloud.

Locally installed applications fully interact with the SA's as if they were resident on the local machine. This is a huge benefit over traditional thin-client deployments that required all applications to reside on the terminal server to interact with one another. Local peripheral devices interact with SA no differently than if they were locally installed. Flash drives, printers, and other devices will seamlessly integrate with the applications you choose; no additional setup or configuration required. You can setup access to your streaming application on as many devices as you wish. The licenses, rights, and privileges travel with the user, not the local device. This gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, at any time and from any internet enabled device. You pay one low monthly fee rather than buying a fully licensed copy of the software.